i think i was misdiagnosed with bipolar

I was diagnosed bipolar type two at 24 and incorrectly medicated. Some people with bipolar disorder can experience what’s called a mixed state. I’ve learned how to advocate for myself and how to fire a clinician, too. Unfortunately, such misdiagnosis is alarmingly prevalent and can have serious consequences for the development of your illness and your overall quality of life. I am now trying to rebuild my … I hope you're doing well now, and I will definitely try to take your advice and slowly learn to trust myself. But it can also be empowering, in a way, when we realize that we aren’t entirely helpless. AJ "Queer Jewish Nightmare Spoonie" Catt (@ajcattpoetry). For example, I can be sleeping, wake up at 10 o’clock at night, and clean the entire house, top to bottom. There are things I never would have considered to be part of bipolar disorder until I hear from others. I eventaullly graduated college, but the point is like what you were saying in this post—i had spent so many years trying to treat the wrong illnesses. I’m optimistic and energetic, which is a strange thing to say, because those aren’t words I would’ve ever associated with myself. Sounds a lot like me. The root was late-stage Lyme disease only diagnosed three years ago at age 67,” Marcia Mehlman said. There are many things you can do to mange how bipolar disorder affects you. I faced a dark beast I called The Wave of Dread. She calls it his “brain disease” and says that he destroyed their kids’ childhood with his bad behavior. (2019, August 13). Plus, most people hadn’t even heard of endometriosis, … In mental health it is all too common. My things were "incorrect" so I assumed they couldn't really be the cause. I’m Giving My Eating Disorder Away – Let's Queer Things Up! Once on those drugs I was unable to think as one should, by mind was like mush. So what have I learned? In short: My ADHD symptoms, which included hyperactivity, were misdiagnosed as hypomania. At the risk of being annoying, I’ve found that being more active in my care has led to better outcomes. Maybe being transgender wasn’t a mistake. My husband finally asked for a divorce and stole all my … It was like my old self coming out of my shell. I took lithium and other antipsychotic drugs for twenty-five years. People-pleasing can be a result of trauma. Reblogged this on cabbagesandkings524 and commented: It took a savvy psychiatrist, an incredibly patient therapist, two nightmarish hospitalizations, and a battery of psychotropic medications to finally sort out the problem. However, as time passed and I learned more about myself and about mental health in general, it became clear that bipolar was not the right diagnosis for me. People diagnosed with bipolar disorder have mood swings involving both lows (bipolar depression) and highs (called mania if severe or hypomania if mild). I’ve been in and out of therapy since elementary school, and my grades were always good. A psychiatrist who, by the way, said I was too young (and my grades in school were too good) to need her help, and accused me of exaggerating my pain just to get medication. Anyway, it feels really good to read about another transmans experience like this. Just the same, it’s a sobering reminder of the consequences when someone gets it wrong. How can you find out for sure if someone is just OCD (in my case likely pure-o based on changing themes) or bipolar. for topic: Misdiagnosed With Bipolar Below is a mood scale that explains the extremes of Bipolar. The mania is generally easy to observe because the individual will appear highly talkative, stimulated, and euphoric. I consider myself very fortunate and blessed. For me, that means: Talk, no drugs. But I’m plagued with reoccurring thoughts and obsessions. I was misdiagnosed with bipolar because at the time I genuinely believed that I had bipolar disorder, and that belief colored the way I reported my symptoms. But all I know was ADHD became ODD to bipolar disorder. It was how to get through the day, more or less. Buy stock in Big Pharma. Most psychiatrists look for at least one hypomanic or full blown manic episode in order to make the diagnosis between Bipolar Type 2 and Bipolar Type 1. “Imagine living with this for most of your life. When I was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was desperate for validation. I have come off the unneeded medications Vraylar Lamotrigine and Ativan.
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