Are you and your colleagues feeling totally drenched in the stress of your nine-to-five? A unique, shared experience that is suitable for any size group, it’s no wonder why savvy companies hire Digital Deception to entertain their remote teams. In some cases, these workstations can be quite sophisticated, offering back support to make the experience even more comfortable. Bacon Happy Hour at 2 Cents Restaurant & Pub Key West, Nightly 4-6 p.m. See more ideas about Cute outfits, My style, Passion for fashion. I also included a few logistical tips below to make your next Zoom happy hour a cinch. Why not drop the sugar and fat and facilitate a work community potluck? You may not remember the answers to every question, but you will remember the fun you had! Mentalists are a sophisticated entertainer that brings a unique event. And we’re going to level up. 3) Don’t Skimp. “Things your grandmother gets you for the holiday” is one option. A: Make a virtual happy hour for work fun by selecting one of the themes, games, or premium event vendors featured in this post. While different genres offer different messages and vibes, all virtual musicians have the unique ability to entertain and motivate at the same time. Evie Clair was a top 10 finalist on Season 12 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent as a singer, songwriter, and pianist. From classical to hip-hop, virtual musicians will represent your brand and message at your next happy hour. This lunch option feeds everyone in the office and makes an affordable and delicious meal. The person should be responsible for making everyone feel comfortable by cheering on the group. The virtual mentalist engages the audience individually and as a group. Tapping into his experience as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, where he would engage audience members through their screens at home during every appearance, Colin has developed impossible demonstrations that showcase your WFT staff as the stars of the show. Therefore, it is perfect for smaller groups, such as virtual happy hours, because each person can have a part in the show. In a quieter community this might be at 9pm; in a big, bustling city, the second happy hour might be at 11pm. If your team doesn't currently do post-work drinks, there's no better time to start than now (or well, 5 PM). Revealed: Fun ideas for your next virtual happy hour. ... sales, finance, design, technology, and more, we … Religious requirements should also be considered, such as no beef, Halal, or Kosher. No one will be left feeling on the losing end. Offer food and drink pairings. They are harder to get wrong and success is more likely. Still itching for more ideas? Read on for creative ideas for crafting a popular and profitable happy hour program. The idea may seem a tad old-fashioned, but the tested and true move night is still an optimal choice. As many corporations begin to step into a, Here are 7 virtual happy hour ideas to have your own “Cheers” in a digital world, Team building has never been more fun with a. Innovative, tech-savvy workplaces may consider using Google Drive for the project. For more information on virtual entertainment contact us, 5 Practical Virtual Event Concepts That Are Ideal for Company Meetings, Planning a Virtual Awards Event? Once considered something belonging to a by-gone era of the 1970s, ventriloquism is experiencing a resurgence. Broadway and TV star Adam Trent exemplifies a new generation of virtual magic. High-tech wizardry involving text messaging, phone calls, emails, and video, our tech-based duo has built an arsenal of interactive magic that can be presented via any online platform. Eight or nine hours of almost non-stop thinking is more than people’s brains can manage, and that is assuming they had enough sleep the night before and are generally healthy. Music touches everyone – everywhere. Online magic shows merge interactive virtual magic with technology to create a captivating presentation that forces audiences to re-examine what’s possible in today’s digital world. Each week, designate one person as the official dance-party leader, whereby they select the music, call the time, and lead the party. When we are done talking and have reached the point where we are exhausted from listening to the words of other people, music is the anecdote. Those who don’t feel comfortable letting loose, or who cannot dance for reasons of disability or illness, should be offered other movements or gestures to help them take part. The work from home movement is here to stay. Is it the comedian's attitude, the delivery, the material, or a combination of all these elements? Here are some famous happy hour menu ideas: Sushi Her first full album, released at age 14, hit the pop charts at #49 with 1.2 million streams just after her original song was featured in a movie soundtrack. The COVID-19 outbreak is reshaping all aspects of work, including the time-honored tradition of the afterwork happy hour. Virtual Happy Hours Help Co-Workers, Industry Peers Stay Connected Happy Hour Ideas will help you to increase sales during not so busy part of the day. It is perfectly acceptable to catch some Zs mid-work day. Give customers an incentive to keep coming back. This might sound a bit extreme at first, but consider how humans operate so much better after a fifteen minute nap. Nowadays, many offices offer non-sitting workstations where people work while standing at their laptops. A viral video of her first AGT performance was recognized as having the 3rd highest view count on YouTube worldwide for 2018 and now has 235 Million views. Never have I ever (engaging version) This is a classic drinking game where people take turns announcing one thing that they have never, ever done, and anyone in the group who’s done it has to take a sip. Even if you don’t completely fall asleep, the zone can offer great comfort and a place to relax when your brain requires it. Are you hopping on the virtual happy hour bandwagon with your besties at work, long-distance friends from college, or your crush? While different genres offer different messages and vibes, all virtual musicians have the unique ability to entertain and motivate at the same time. Let’s cover the best virtual happy hour tips to try with your business: Pick a Happy Hour Theme. Colin Cloud has captivated the attention and minds of audiences all around the world with his modern and immersive style of mind-reading. ... (a.k.a. A comedy + magic performer engages with the audience with comedy and magic all at the same time. Increase sales during low points of the day. Featured in Forbes Magazine, Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes’ world-renowned blend of tech and magic allows participants to not only watch magic, but experience it firsthand – right on their screens, on their phones, and in their own hands. Choose a favorite dish by surveying the workplace, bearing in mind any allergies, dietary restrictions, and food preferences. Here are some famous happy hour menu ideas: It requires teamwork for beginners, and though it might not turn out perfectly (unless you have star chefs at the office), the experience can be both challenging and a good bonding experience. There are countless creative ways to capture the imagination of office staff and enjoy a much-needed happy hour away from the daily grind. Awards ceremonies are meant to be exciting and memorable. Is your WFT staff feeling disjointed and tired of being apart from one another? When you think you have figured out what comes next, a gifted magician makes you scratch your head with feelings of amazement. Comedies are the ideal choice since they appeal to majority taste and get everyone laughing. ... midday coffee break, or after ‘office’ hours trivia game, the virtual happy hour is here to stay. Something that taps into our curiosity and wonder – where we do more than observe. In one virtual happy hour, your team will feel they have gone to the local comedy club and magic show. Mentalists are more than just the mind-readers that conjure up images of circus acts and cheesy tricksters. 5 Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong with, 4 Important Lessons We’ve Learned From Dry Bar Comedy. Create miniature versions of your menu options. Enjoying a great flick together can really help people bond. The theme can be based upon corporate events or as a recap to professional training. 5 Games to Play on Your Next Virtual Happy Hour Need to avoid (yet another) awkward silence? So you’ve been invited to an after-work happy hour. Ventriloquists speak to any age and any venue. Here are a few ideas you could apply on your next happy hour: 1. Want to laugh and be amazed at the same time? In terms of the latter, planning involves determining your guest list, scheduling your happy hour and preparing music, games, food and beverages, and topics of conversation to set the mood. A sophisticated event that requires little props and equipment, using a mentalist at your next virtual happy hour, will transform a small investment for giant return. Better yet, why not choose a theme? Your … Who doesn’t like watching someone conversing with a dummy? They give employees a chance to get to know each other and forge connections in a way that the 9-5 doesn’t allow for. Comedians help us find comic relief within stressful circumstances and enable us to laugh at ourselves and stop taking things too seriously. Pair it with a Power Hour playlist like this 90s-themed playlist or this 2000s party anthem playlist . A virtual mentalism show is highly interactive and includes virtual magic. Being well-versed in both fields, these talented entertainers will perform for your team to bring a fun end to a stressful day and ignite the creative juices with the wonder of magic. Plan on two glasses of wine or two bottles of beer per person. Look no further than magic as one of your next virtual happy hour ideas! Do you ride to the office decked in a conventional suit and tie or heels? Choose a theme, and the virtual host will do the rest! If it’s pricey to maintain this regular routine, consider calling on the services of a student or entry-level practitioner. What time is happy hour usually? The work day is over, the night has begun, and it's time to unwind with a cocktail (or two). Unlike other entertainers that require props and equipment, comedians simply need people to attend. For those who are a bit anxious to snore in front of their boss, load it up with sweet-smelling teas, novels, and an iPad with nature music. While happy hour typically follows the end of the workday (4 p.m. until 8 p.m.) on weekdays, it doesn’t have to. Nothing brings people together like a virtual comedy show. Virtual ventriloquists will bring honest candor in a warm delivery to capture the laughter at your next virtual happy hour! Sometimes, the more mess you make, the more fun you have, so everyone should get involved in wiping up corners and mopping floors after eating the favorite dish, of course. To create a sleep-friendly enterprise, consider creating a mini sleep station, complete with seductive, sleep-inducing cushions and comfy blankets. Virtual magicians offer a refreshing spirit for the extraordinary for virtual happy hours! Likewise, because there are numerous genres, virtual musicians offer an extensive menu of opportunities to communicate your message. 2) Happy Hours at Odd Hours. Finally, make sure people who are busy—those with family obligations or other matters—can still participate by contributing beverages or store-bought snacks. No really cares about what was said, just the fun that you had! The cool thing about having a virtual happy hour is that everyone is probably in their own respective bedrooms or living areas. With it comes many benefits that both the company and its employees can enjoy, such as lowering overhead in a challenging market, no commute time, and the ability to conduct business still regardless of extenuating circumstances. Virtual magicians offer a refreshing spirit for the extraordinary for virtual happy hours! Looking for the best virtual acts for your online events? Chefs can also try out new dishes during happy hour to gauge interest before adding it to your official menu.