But I stopped including the small “eco resorts” with no air conditioning and few other amenities because they are really in a different class of accommodation than the honeymoon-style bungalows that most people are looking for. Saint Petersburg Again, the off-season room rates we found are not available every night so it's wise to book ahead and have some flexibility in order to get the best bargain. They say their bungalows “hug the sea front” so they aren’t really overwater in the sense we are looking for. Can you please tell me which part (northern or southern atoll) faces rain during December? Copenhagen -Roger. Well worth the trip. Everything here is new, well built, and very well appointed with luxury amenities. Milan, Zanzibar City It is one of the best deals you can find in French Polynesia! An overwater bungalow resort might be among the dreamiest of honeymoon destinations. Rome, Hi, is there any over water villas in Boracay Island in Phillipines? Dominican Republic Rincón, >>>Check rates at the Berjaya Langkawi Resort. It also has open bathrooms where you can see the seawater below. If you find a good room rate for this one, it's worth considering. Saved Save . Lyon, And there are even some “camping style” places like this in Belize that I also leave off. Yes, I think you could do a Maldives holiday for US$10,000 or less, and you should be able to book a pretty nice resort for that. -Roger. Could you suggest 3 of the best ones which are also ‘affordable’… i.e. Antigua and Barbuda Dublin, PRICES: Check out all the details – prices, reviews & more photos, on the booking page here. Cozumel, Malaga, Much appreciated though. And rainy seasons are cheaper as well, so many savvy travelers prefer them. Giovani, I’ve seen the “2 free days when you book a week” thing much more frequently in the South Pacific than in the Maldives, but the actual discounts are similar. I am planning to go to Maldives in March 1st week 2017 for my honeymoon. The sheer size of the resort might be off-putting to some, but there is still a lot to like even if you don't factor in the novelty value. Guilin, You can swim beneath the bungalows and there are many other water sport options available as well. Hi, my honeymoon will be on 1st of may 2013 will stay for 2 weeks, want to know the prices for this period at Meeru Island Resort in Maldives, thank you,, Hind, a Jacuzzi Water Villa for two starts at US$412 per night for those two weeks starting May 1, 2013. Numerous to-do activities such as water sports, diving, spa wellness, and excursions, Spectacular view of the clear Indian Ocean waters, Dalha Room- a private raft house for two people, Benjamas Raft- a raft house for 12 people, Kaew Jao Jom – a raft house for 20 people. John H., sorry, but there are no “honeymoon style” overwater bungalows in the Caribbean yet. Reviews here are consistently great, which is another small surprise considering the modest overwater room rates. The flight to the Maldives will be long, but at least it won’t be horribly expensive. We’ve been to the Tahitian Islands six times, and this stay was one of our most enjoyable. Ashley, Thank you. Puerto Rico Norway It will cost around US$100 for the night, including pickup, dropoff, and breakfast, and you’ll get to your resort by speedboat by around noon the following day, so you can make full use of it. -Roger. -Roger, Roger, Mendoza Recent guests describe it as very rustic and basic, so it might be better suited for an adventure holiday than a honeymoon. This resort even has 6 new Pool Water Villas, although you can expect to pay quite a bit more for those. Interlaken, I’ve read that a lot of resorts on the maldives have deals that if you book the whole week than they give you 2 days for free (like pay 4 nights for 6 nights, something like this). This rate includes 3 meals per day in addition to most activities. Singapore http://www.overwaterbungalows.net/el-nido-miniloc-island-resort-philippines. Those are the two best islands with the best choices, and both are stunning. I hope that’s affordable. Great article and advice!!!! Best of luck. This place bills itself as a 3-star resort, so that helps explain the more modest prices compared to the 4 and 5 stars that nearly all of its nearby competitors claim. Croatia By Samantha Stewart | 2:31pm Mar 04, 2018. The water is beautiful and it truly is a Polynesian experience, but it is definitely not a 5 star resort. All Rights Reserved. Looking for an overwater bungalow, so I can see the fish, in South Thailand. You actually CAN swim under the water villas, but it’s a long way down and there are no stairs or ladders. Brad, I’m aware of your resort and it really looks lovely. Those are the equivalent of the 2 nights free in other places, and they are usually the best deals on the page. Note: This article was first published in 2012 and has been fully updated and expanded each year since. Queenstown, Best Travel Credit Card: What Card is Best For You? Thanks for putting this all together. One great thing about the Maldives is that it’s a 12-month destination and storms are almost over quickly even when they arise. It’s true that the beds and sofas might have been a few years old, but everything I saw was very nice, especially for the rates they charge. Czechia Are there any over water bungalows anywhere that are wheelchair accessible? But that doesn't mean that they are not private, and each is larger than you'd expect in this price range. I have around 10,000 to spend. The Holiday Inn Resort on Vanuatu is another place that would be ideal for many people if not for its fairly remote location. Here is a list of the best Phuket resorts with private pools. The buffet restaurant is on a 14-day rotating menu, so even those who stay two weeks won't get bored too quickly. Spain Also within medium budget. Hong Kong Mexico Bruges, The only overwater bungalows that accommodate 4 to 6 people in Bora Bora are the suites and the Hilton and the St. Regis. One interesting thing to note about this resort is that it's on an island that has a small airport of its own, so guests can get here on a normal domestic flight rather than the special sea-plane service. The price you listed seem far below that line. Is the weather usually sunny or rainy? For example Sun Island and the Chaaya resorts in the Maldives are really not that great. -Roger. First of all, thank you for all that you do and for taking the time to answer all of our questions…you rock! Its the next best thing to an ocean over water experience. -Roger, @ $69.00 a night (low Season), I feel we leave these guys in the dust! What are the off seasons in Maldives and Bora Bora in order to avail the discount? France Yes, here is a list of Maldives water villa resorts with speed-boat transfer. I have been searching all the possible websites to fix a destination for my honeymoon< I liked the over the water villas, but they are pretty expensive, Am from India and am looking to cover the trip for 4 nights and 5 days with 1 lakh as budget including the air fare. The best news might be that breakfast and dinner are included in the room rate, so this place probably deserves to be higher on the list of cheap overwater bungalow resorts. They are WONDERFUL!! Sounds like you’ve never been there. See more ideas about overwater bungalows, resort, dream vacations. Granada (Nicaragua) Also we are planing for august 2014 is it good weather at that time? The only other place with overwater bungalows like that is the Maldives, which has about 90 resorts with them. Hanoi, Kathmandu, For instance, I’ve heard that the ferry services in Tahiti mainly operate for the locals and don’t really care much about the tourist. Full board and half board resorts are included. I definitely recommend #19 the Sofitel Moorea la Ora. The 24 water bungalows here are fairly large for the region, and 15 of them have steps leading down from the deck into the turquoise lagoon below. Do the speedboats operate this late? Do you know how can I get this kind of deal? Still, the chances of any one hotel being in the path of a hurricane in a given week in October is less than 1%. Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy! Note: This article was last updated in December, 2019. The hotel has a variety of “edgewater” accommodations that aren't way out in a lagoon like you'd find in Bora Bora, but still look pretty amazing, especially at these room rates. When you find a resort that you are thinking about booking you can look at the TripAdvisor reviews for last December and the December before that. Reykjavik It’s true that most Bora Bora and Moorea resorts do target the honeymoon market, but most of them are set up nicely for small families as well. Whether that’s the best honeymoon holiday is hard to say. Cairns, We are trying to plan a destination for our honeymoon the end of May. No, I haven’t been in the Maldives in April, but I’ve been in Sri Lanka and other tropical islands in the area that month and the Maldives doesn’t really have a “rainy season” like most of the rest of them. The resort in general gets fantastic reviews, although every hotel gets some negative reviews that complain about certain things. Ireland Let me know if you have any other questions. Reviews for the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort were “mixed” for the first couple years, but are now very good, which reflects the most recent management change. I’ve had quite a good time there myself, including in “generic” Boracay Island, but in some other places as well. Well, there is a bit of good news then as it turns out that not all of them are priced only for the super-rich. When you are looking at individual resorts you'll very often see a room rate that doesn't include local taxes or service charges. Si Phan Don in Laos is a great place to go. London, Lebanon Their room rates are among the cheapest for overwater bungalows, but the recent reviews are excellent so guests feel they are getting a lot for their holiday money. -Roger. Bulgaria -AFFORDABILITY Was it expensive or inexpensive , also has any1 visited Maldives in the month of October , how’s the weather that time around there ? The Malaysian ones are over regular bays and oceans, so the tide is fairly strong. saintsaens, those prices are all per night, unfortunately. which islands are prompt to getting rain during this time so we can avoid the same? For those in the area, this could be a gem because it's a Maldives-style private island with only 44 land-based bungalows to go along with the overwater bungalows. YOUR PRICES ARE FOR THE BASIC ROOM ON THE BEACH OR IN GARDENS, NOT OVER THE WATER, The prices we list for each resort are for the cheapest overwater bungalow in high season and in low season, including all taxes and fees, for two people per bungalow. Saint Barthélemy Room rates also include 3 meals per day, 1 welcome cocktail, and airport transfers. Half-board means that the room includes breakfast and dinner for each guest, while full-board means it includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. ” is very costly/almost equal to stay. for honeymooners I recommend you look into having honeymoon registries set up for your wedding. What are your recommendations for the island(s), resort(s), and particular bungalow(s)? Thanks for updating to 2019! Amy, the only resorts that have overwater bungalows AND surfing in the same place are in the Maldives. Another Maldives resort with a great reputation, Olhuveli Beach Resort has 60 water villas to go along with 104 island villas and suites, making this one of the larger Maldives resorts on this list. Located on an island in the hot Bocas del Toro area of Caribbean Panama, this resort is also fairly easy to reach compared to some of its competitors. At least a couple of the resorts on the list below include 3 meals a day with the room rate, and several of those offer all-inclusive (alcohol included) packages for not much more per night. >>>Check rates at the Furaveri Island Resort & Spa. I am looking at an overwater bungalow for myself and my husband for my 60th birthday. With 106 water villas, the Meeru Island Resort has more overwater rooms than any resort in the world except for the two mammoth Malaysian resorts at the top of this list. Here is a list of all of the overwater bungalow resorts in Asia outside of the Maldives. The Philippines is an awesome budget country to travel to. If you are looking for one of the “honeymoon-style” overwater bungalows, there are about 130 of those resorts in the world, and about 80 of those are in the Maldives. You seem to have a lot of knowledge on these bungalows, so maybe you can help and assist me to get the issue cleared up. Pattaya, -Roger, We stayed at the KC Resort and Over Water Villas and it was absolutely AMAZING! Orlando, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is in the center of Florida, so this resort obviously isn’t really in the Caribbean. In the Maldives there are at least 10 larger resorts where those older children would stay entertained all day and all night. I’ve taken the ferry back and forth between Tahiti and Moorea and it was mostly tourists on my boat. Need more info about a honeymoon cheap package, where we can enjoy romantic scenary; can access adventure activities near by. Christchurch, Much appreciated. For those seeking privacy, intimacy, and peaceful moments with partner, go for this! We don’t always add “eco resorts” to this list because people who find this list have a strong preference for “honeymoon style” places, but we will take a look. The only issue is that I want there to be good surfing close by…do you know of any? Turks and Caicos The resort gets very good (but not amazing) reviews, and the room rates seem pretty reasonable even for a private mini-villa with an infinity-edge pool, much less for one where you can look into the pool from a window near your bed. If you can get to the Maldives you’ll have by far the most choices. Tokyo Please be more specific. Is the weather alright in December ? You’ll notice that #6 on that list starts at US$149 per night in the off season, and there are many others in that range as well. Greetings. If I listed all of these water shacks at the top of the list, almost no one would actually find it helpful. Actually, they will be adding Meeru Island to that list, which is the #5 cheapest and by far the cheapest full-board or all-inclusive resort. We really love the over-the-water-villas in Maldives because it seems like you get more bang for your buck. I’d never heard of the Avillion even though I’ve searched for these resorts for years. He loves the over water bungalows butour budget is a little low. Best vacation ever, with the “GFC” expect these deals to be around for a while! There are a few resorts that are within a much cheaper speed boat ride from the airport on the list below.