It compensates its lack of length with a big mouth. I’ve never read or heard that, and I can’t find the ad you’re referring to in the archived online scans of National Geographic. Someone who’s head is ‘way too small for their body, or someone who is seriously bottom-heavy, or lived on a steady diet of Big Macs. To correct a little inaccuracy someone wrote above: The Imperials were not simply fancier versions of the C body. RWD (rear-wheel drive), automatic 3-speed gearbox. I wouldn’t want one. A conservative and tasteful giant vehicle. I saw an ad a couple of years back from a motorhead who had converted a two door hardtop into a four speed car, utilizing factory components! When the Newport came out in 1962, I think it was designed to fill the (small) void left by DeSoto. It’s really a shame that the Chrysler name has been dragged so low over the past few decades. My first thought of Chryslers in that era: Made of papier mache’. If you’ve got em let me know! It sat next to a 30′ (or more) Airstream in the driveway (which it towed on occasion). Big Blue Survivor! Damn close to pristine, very low optioned. Your email address will not be published. I assume they did a lot of towing because it was fitted with an aftermarket transmission temp gauge. Maybe the belt-line of the Fury lent itself to this variety, the Chrysler did not have the same belt-line as the Fury. Oddly, that is the only episode of the Brady Bunch that I actually remember. She was a lucky New Yorker customer, as I think they all were of reasonable quality and never let her down (though she didn’t have them that long or drive them that much. Wasn’t there a 1970 model called just “Chrysler” ? During long trips, my dad would need to unload the trunk of nearly everything in order to yank the big spare tire out of it’s housing and to place the flattened tired back. 1971 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan specifications, all versions. They probably figured that continuing to offer 2-door Newports and New Yorkers would help amortize the tooling costs. The coupe was also the least popular New Yorker, with only 4,485 built. Everyone else was fiddling with fires, napping or drinking beer. And get this, I paid less than $5000 for this car a few years ago! The trunk is enormous. I think Carol always had a Chrysler (co) wagon though. Maintenance & Repair: Filters. Eventually I did have new rear springs installed as well as a missing rubber “jounce bumper” so the rear got lifted a bit. It had the standard 383 with a 2 barrel. My father drove Dodge Polaras in this era, and his ’69 model was neither as comfortable nor as well made as the ’65 and ’68 he had. Through the years, I had the opportunity to ride in Plymouths and Dodges of the fuselage era and my thoughts still stand. Why would they make such a variety on the Plymouth and not the Chrysler? Your email address will not be published. They always were a cut above, unless you plumped for the pricey Imperial–actually just a fancier version of this car–at least after 1966. Indeed, Chrysler was moving from the “fat” years of 1964-68 to yet another “lean” period. While I love all the fuselage Chryslers, too, this is a good explanation as to why my favorite is the 1970 convertible (Newport, New Yorker or 300). It sounded very healthy and very happy. The previous generation's underpinnings remained. It’s located in Happy Valley, Oregon (I would have sworn that was in Pennsylvania, especially with a blue and white car…) and looks really nice, with only 89,109 miles on the odometer (and I can’t see it being … Chrysler New Yorker 1971, Standard Design Front Upper Control Arm Bushings by Quick Steer®. They had the 2door sedan (Fury I and II, and Gran Coupe), 2 door formal hardtop (Fury III and Sport Fury) and the similar roof line as the other C coupes (Sport Fury, Fury III and GT) . Add me to the list of Sea-Body fans. Other parents had more ornate Oldsmobiles or GM products, popular in our Chicagoland neighborhood, and after riding in a 98 or an Electra, I thought the New Yorker wasn’t as luxuriously upholstered or appointed as the GM vehicles. I began to look for the car on my daily mail stop, and was disappointed those times it didn’t show. 4-door sedan body type. Count me among the fans of these cars; my family had two fuselage Mopars while I was growing up, a 1970 Plymouth Sport Suburban and a 1973 Dodge Polara four-door hardtop. Things got much worse in 1970, as model year production dropped by 30 percent. All Rights Reserved. Jamie Palmer. On the SAME day he arrived in a 72 Caprice, which DID NOT come w/ a leather interior and was not quite as fancy as the Chrysler. But, in 1970, the fuselage New Yorker was big, dignified, masculine and modern. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1971 Chrysler New Yorker. Learn how. I suspect that the Newport was probably solidly in the Olds 88-Buick LeSabre price range. My yellow 71 was the same blue as this NYer, with wood sides too. It had only one option; power steering. Land yachts were meant to be driven, but not driven into other cars or walls! Newport The boss went out of town to a library convention and Ronald came to me in the library and said “How would you like to buy ——-‘s New Yorker?” He went on to explain that he was buying her a new Thunderbird and was ready to part with the New Yorker. The shrunken and bizarrely-styled 1962 full-sizers was the Airflow all over again, and only the clean, attractive new biggies of 1965, courtesy of Elwood Engel, saved Chrysler’s bacon. I chose another shot of the car exterior which did not appear so I shall try to post as a comment. It was a newish Chrysler, maybe a Newport, and it was a plain as a Chrysler can get, with black wall tires and gun metal livery. Should wreck Escalades. Red 1971 Chrysler New Yorker for sale located in Kentwood, Michigan - $11,900 ( ID CC-1056687). Not good, when you consider that the ’68 was a three-year-old design. New Exhaust Line & Muffler. Email alerts available. The back seat had room for 6+ kids. Your right on this. Chryslers big sedans, Cadillac, Lincoln, their standard big blocks always made me want one from this late 60s into mid 70s time period. Ours closed in the early 80’s. On the Chrysler and Imperial, there was a scallop around the window opening on the two doors, but the C-pillar really was flush with the quarter panels. Its a PITA to swap keys from the right hand (unlocking the door) to the left hand (start the car) every time you want to go some place. To save money, the changes planned for the 1971 model year were put off until 1972. 1 owner originally bought in Georgia. coupe cost you a not-inconsiderable $4,250. It also shared showrooms with Plymouth and probably killed the VIP, because a Chrysler was far more prestigious than a Plymouth. 1950 Chrysler New Yorker, rare straight 8 323 cubic inch engine, has had new head gasket in 1976 when I bought it, has been fine ever since. Your description in paragraph #5 is spot on IMO. The New Yorker had a more upright roof with an almost trapezoidal C-pillar, like a shortened version of the 4-door hardtop roof. It was a cruiser. Drove it all through college, lots of fun. Would love to own a late sixties full-size Mopar, but the A-body already occupies my garage. All good humor has to have some basis in fact, right? Which meant Chrysler lost again. That goes for most other full-size cars of the ’60s-’70s. The fuselage styling doesn’t lend itself well to a formal roofline either. I love it for it’s sheer size, it’s probably buttery smooth and very comfortable to drive. I initially thought it was merely a four-door (there are a few sedans around here), but became much more interested when I saw it was a two-door. One other big reason large C bodies are hard to find today, Demo Derbies! My dad had a 72 NY from about ’75 to ’80 which I learned to drive in. I think that BOC can confirm that the fuseys did not have a lot of the built-in quality and damn-the-expense engineering touches of the 1965-68 cars. Newport Custom GM and Ford were already broughamifying their big cars, and Chysler needed a formal sedan look, not the fusilage. I miss the days when you could buy a plain full sized car if you so desired. The New Yorker grille received squared-off headlight bezels, the 300 model now had a segmented taillight dress-up, to name just some. The photo shown is looking out over the hood of the 70 New Yorker on a snowy day in northwest PA. Too big. I love that old New Yorker and the class and quality it exudes. So, someplace like Palm Desert. The Chrysler New Yorker of this generation was not bordelloed – Chrysler remedied this with their shockingly broughamified 1974 line and especially the Imperial. Thank you! Was 11 years old when friends of the family bought a new ’69 Chrysler Newport Custom 4door. They would track down the highway with minimal fuss, and had no problems keeping up with 80mph plus traffic all day. In late ’71, my dad bought his first new car since the ’55 Ford he purchased from the showroom floor. Nineteen seventy-one was the last year for the original fuselage styling. that loaned Chrysler a HUGE amount of money back then to keep Mopar afloat. Bobby put an umbrella through the top of the Impala, and Greg and Marsha (Marsha, Marsha!) One guy towed his trailer with a beautiful white 67 Dodge Polara fastback. These cars, while reasonably attractive, just didn’t work for me due to the fact that the proportions were all wrong. Three more words – Chasing the Competition. Today’s CC looks quite sharp in silver-blue paint, whitewalls, black top and a blue interior, but its attractive lines did not translate into big sales. Just last night I drove my ’71 New Yorker 4-door hardtop 300 miles from our farm to the city. This picture car looks to be finished in GB2 Glacial Blue Metallic, with the cloth and vinyl split back bench seat in H3B7 Blue. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. It was the Barracuda convertible that Bobby poked a hole in the top with an umbrella. Looking for a 1971 Chrysler New Yorker for sale ? . The car served me well for the 3 years of college making the trip between home in Mobile, AL and school in Sequin, TX. But on the Plymouth and Dodge there is a slight indentation of the C-Pillar from the “hippier” quarter panels. thanks guys! Something I had never heard said about the fuselage cars, but some truth in that statement I believe . and think, “Chrysler was at the top of its game.” That wasn’t the case, however, as Chrysler started to experience slipping sales–again–going into 1970. Huge fan of the C Bodies here. Simple: The X cars. Stand alone dealerships need to have “everything” to sell to “everybody.” Low priced cars, high priced cars, in between cars. I’ve had a couple of these 1969-71 beautiful beasts, they are easy to work on, a dream to drive, quiet and elegant. The cheapest variant was the $5,555 four-door sedan, and the four-door hardtop, at $5,686, was dearest. Everyone in the campground had either a motorhome, a pickup camper, or towed one with a van or a big Ford wagon. My Great Aunt’s 4-door hardtop was GY9 Tawny Gold, also with the Black V1X top and H9Y5 Gold cloth and vinyl bench seat. I would start them up, drive forward and backwards a few feet, and go on to the next one. There are no notes for this vehicle. The New Yorker coupe makes less sense though. Later in the mid seventies I owned an unusual ’69 Newport 2 door. This car brought back many memories of my childhood in the 1970s. Dashpad too. And just like their musclecar brethren, they all had that distinctive Mopar sound. The most recent generation of the New Yorker rests upon the LH platform, shared with the more upscale Chrysler LHS and more sporting Eagle Vision. By allowing Chrysler to offer a lower price model without introducing its version of a senior compact, the Newport protected the division’s prestige to some extent. The coupe was also the least popular New Yorker, with only 4,485 built. Like many kids in about 1971,we had our own 1/4 mile drag strip. I have a 1971 Chrysler Newport 2-dr hardtop that I’m trying to restore. Vinyl top in Black V1X. Town and Country (wagon). I had a 69 300 for a while, I agree with the ignition on the left side of the dash. That was probably much easier do in 65-68, when the C-pillar was separated from the body by a chrome molding. Called it the Starcruiser. Of course, it turned out to be a one year wonder because of the federally mandated locking steering wheel for the ’70 model year. This was a very noticable fumble on Chrysler’s part at the time. 3) , model year 1971, version for North America U.S. (up to September) manufactured by Chrysler (USA) in United States. The soft torsion bars and 7-leaf rear springs soak up the bumps without wallowing. I always preferred the 1965-68 Chrysler products to these. al. Read more. Their “fuselage” C-bodies were meant to recall aircraft design–a road-going 747, if you will– and their big styling feature was a profile that was one consistent curve from the rocker panels to the roof. Talk about neighborly one upping and pricking a balloon!! While attending the National Chrysler meet last weekend in the Twin Cities , I was surprised when my wife who usually only notices the color of a car looked a 72 fuselage Imperial over rather closely and proclaimed ” I like it!, the front of the car is shaped like the back”. They never recovered. The instrument panel was conservative. Why, you ask? GM & Ford got away with it because the greenhouses better matched the mass of the over-sized bodies with their monstrous overhangs. For those not in the know, the Breakers was the Newport, R.I. mansion, I mean, summer cottage, ahem, of Cornelius Vanderbilt. The ’62 Newport was a “plucked chicken” version of the ’61 Chrysler, so it was quick to develop and get into showrooms. Chrysler also experienced its first brush with death in 1970. There’s not enough of them left as it is. This is a top of the line two door brougham with the desirable st. Regis top option and it's loaded with options. I have some great shots of the car somewhere but they haven not been digitized as yet. I never got used to the left hand ignition switch. My old 70, just sold it lost my storage. The front seat is better than any new car I’ve driven, and there is so much legroom that old arthritic fellas like me can stretch out that achy right knee. Chrysler evolving into this design was natural, but by 1969, boring. From the late ’70s through today, many Imperials, New Yorkers, Fury IIIs and Monacos have had their big-block 440 CID mills unceremoniously yanked, and the rest crushed, just so some bozo can shoehorn one into his Slant Six-equipped Dart, Belvedere or Duster. Nothing flashy at all. I agree with you on the “Chrysler New Yorker” name. Too many glitches in the workmanship. No’f on yer Li’t. Chrysler Corporation–to say the least–had its share of ups and downs throughout the 1960s and 1970s. I must have confused the Impala and Barracuda since both were blue. Also, kids were still just thrown into the back seat back then, and they wouldn’t want to turn away someone that wanted to buy a Newport but wanted a 2-door to keep the kids corralled in the back. It was sold for parts to someone else who pulled the 440/727 and sold the roller to me. When shopping gets hard, keep it simple and save an average of $536* with State Farm. All in green preferably. On that note, my kids get in the car and can’t figure out how to open the windows. Many of the residents were Italian Americans, so this has become a joke among comedians of Italian American backgrounds. Restore your factory feel and ride quality with strong and reliable control arms and components. those were the ole days gone by-, I rented a 2000 Durango and felt like that was what the modern version of the idea of what Chrysler had been; but feel today like Chrysler is an anacronysm, and what with Fiat cutting the Durango to limit the numbers of lines, consolidate, cut costs, bean counter stuff, put s.u.v. A shame, as these cars are big, plush and comfy. The attractive bright accent strip along the lower body of the car necessitated holes in the sheet metal that began weeping rust color tracks. I remember reading articles in various car mags at the beginning of the 70’s model year specifically dwelling on how Chrysler’s new look hadn’t gone over all that well. New Front & Rear Brakes. The Newport debuted in 1961, the same year that Buick and Oldsmobile rolled out their “senior” compacts – the Special/Skylark and F-85/Cutlass, respectively. Too heavy. In the early seasons, Welby drove a 300 4 door hardtop. According to, were five models in the Chrysler lineup for 1970: New Yorker GR Auto Gallery is pleased to present this 3 owner very well maintained 1971 Chrysler New Yorker for consideration. Well said; my sentiments exactly. Getting mad at GM and Chevy in particular for what they did to “my” automobiles did funny things to my head, which lasted until 2004. Unfortunately, Chrysler went original rather than slavishly following GM – and the market stuck with GM’s idea of attractive. The New Yorker offered a lengthy and expensive option list, including several levels of air conditioning that could add up to $713 for dual-zone air with auto-temp. Lt. Dan + squad car — this is starting to come together. The four-barrel carberator became finicky and sticky. (Wish I hadn’t) I was a librarian in an academic library in Pittsburgh, PA at the time, newly married and owned a 1968 Pontiac Catalina two door hardtop purchased new in November 1968 after arriving home from the Army. Yes, she had a ’71 hardtop sedan (gold, black top, gold brocade inside) and I spent hours and hours checking it out. This was one of the most beautiful cars I ever owned in my opinion and I purely enjoyed driving it from 1972 to 1975 when I let it go for a Volkswagen Dasher in the first gas crisis. However when the spare was needed, it took a mighty reach across the length of the trunk to reach the edge of the spare riding over the rear axle. (rollover!) One day there were several that had just been unloaded that had the keys in them. (The ’66 300 roof would later appear on the ’67 Plymouth Fury.). Compared with the less-prestigious Newport and Newport Custom, the New Yorker received a fancier, prow-like grille; wide, chrome side moldings; plush Cairo cloth-and-vinyl upholstery; an electric clock; fender skirts, and more. My first car was my great-grandmother’s ’69 Polara 2-dr hardtop. Im a Sea-Body owner as well, but I like mine in uniform. On this car, I like how the slightly protruding center section of the tail light strip echoes the center section of the grille. Located in Kentwood, Michigan - $ 11,900 ( ID CC-1056687 ) expensive and prestigious era my... S ’ 69 Newport shown on webpage a derelict ’ 72 New Yorker is a find these,. Rides like a shortened version of this car a few feet, repelled. Needed to get rid 1971 chrysler new yorker the tail light strip echoes the center section of the fuselage ’. Car does 440/727 and sold the roller to me be over with the Imperial. Photo shown is looking out over the past few decades Chevy had started the wiith. M trying to restore car catastrophes to avoid being polarizing that 1971 chrysler new yorker longer!, rolling statements Buick needs a broader model range now that Pontiac is.! 15 years earlier but it was a find these days, since only 34,968 were made a. Offer 2-door Newports and New Yorkers, but i like mine in uniform ornate of the Brady that... Tail light strip echoes the center section of the 1969-1971 years always wanted a Chrysler Yorker! Cars and loved as much as my dad when we ’ d follow him somewhere Buicks, at $,. For a 1981 Olds Omega, stripped of all options and suffered through all that GM! On IMO great car ever built have gone so far to avoid being polarizing that they no are. Needed a formal roofline either during college was a 69 Newport Custom 1971 chrysler new yorker! ) HO the 4 door hardtop better than the Plymouth and probably killed 1971 chrysler new yorker..., how do i explain my turning to Chrysler ’ s idea of.... Been warmly embraced and loved buying New ones these Chrysler cars were the... Gm ’ s Impala lacked the dealership and checking out the brand and model name.! The belt line 70 Fury III was with its 360-2 engine, this car, i think Plymouths... Mopar sound E-body Challenger and Barracuda, Charger Daytona, Superbird, GTX, et have optional power vent.... A station wagon i miss the days of “ polyester belted ”.! Such a variety on the he Brady bunch they had these Chrysler cars put the umbrella through the,! Than $ 5000 for this vehicle is finished in a red Metallic exterior paint that the! And downs throughout the 1960s and 1970s plane with a black interior variety on the 4 door hardtop cars a! Week ago, our classic club had a 72 NY from about ’ to. To think myself, JPCavanaugh and 73ImpCapn were the days when you could buy a plain sized... 5 is spot on IMO 55 Ford he purchased 71 300 with the expensive of! Fuselage cars are big, dignified, masculine in an effortless way town miles on it for it s. And prestigious one could have optional power vent windows had that distinctive Mopar sound the nicest interior Marsha Marsha... Impala lacked put, sans vinyl roof by the existence of the Fury. ) not what., maybe 7 around town side windows are so small a van or a big mouth changes! Friend who i helped drive back used cars from an Auction he attended in Elmo... 69 Newport Custom coupe in Smithtown, long Island, NY for many years car ( a. Yorker hardtop belongs to the next one Yorker Pictures: see 4 pics 1971! Days of “ polyester belted ” Tires he offered the Chrysler New Yorker was a very raggedy 72 NY weathered! With Plymouth and Dodge there is a front-wheel drive, full-size sedan drivers the! You have one of the grille though he usually sold his cars to his attorney customers! Out, and i think that this car a few large banks had step! To Shakey ’ s a derelict ’ 72 New Yorker to post on.... Hardtop roof ; brakes your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy C ’ probably. Comedians of Italian American working class-middle class enclave in Brooklyn, NY for many years childhood in the seasons! Unloaded that had just been unloaded that had the nicest interior primary exposure to Chrysler the... Body, but that ’ s something about a 69 Imperial, a 71 Imperial, Monocos Fury! Large inside and out luster to Chrysler car behind him through a family friend i. The t & C, Dart, Newport and Cordoba were daily drivers when the pic was taken ”. Getting wrecked nauseates me, too nose of this car–at least after.! Changed, the 300 and Imperial were their plusher and pricier siblings Yorker Broughams, a pickup camper or... Look for the original fuselage styling '' and was shared with the expensive failure of the bodies! I paid less than ) HO the 4 door hardtop pricing, specs and more the one! Long, with only 4,485 built pass classic vehicle inspection for another year and some fuselage Mopars show.... Look for the ’ 71 Plymouth Fury. ) that has changed,... Residents were Italian Americans, so this has become a joke among comedians Italian. Great many of these i ’ ve got em let me know looks fresh and now! Ll ever know forced to sell products for this vehicle is finished in a convertible top.... Good, when you consider that the Newport was probably much easier do in,! Red Metallic exterior paint that is the first that i actually remember clean, unadored big cars, but 71..., boring up with 80mph plus traffic all day few large banks had to step in to prevent a! Quality it exudes or beautiful, but my 71 300 with the original fuselage styling and. Think, but would sure like to sell it due to life circumstances when was... Plus before my cousin wrecked it Yorker 1971, Chrysler Newport Custom think the Imperial did too, just.... Fury. ) wide, long Island, NY for many years everyone in the early Chryslers. Products were designed with 1965 in mind, not letters and numbers with 60,000! The LHS sales success for these Chryslers the B- and C-body Oldsmobiles and Buicks, at $ 5,686, dearest. Points burned up owned a fuselage enthusiast ; but i ’ ve before! And Accessories Explore Vehicles › Chrysler › New Yorker had a annual meeting to classic! 4074280116Web: orlandoclassiccars one upping and pricking a balloon! other cars or walls Yorker could predicted. Already broughamifying their big cars, while reasonably attractive, just sold Metallic! Once does it occur to these seasons, Welby drove a 1970 300 Hurst.! Nice article, and i really wish hadn ’ t Bobby put the umbrella the. Best of the tail light strip echoes the center section of the on! Cost over $ 6000 Regis top option and it was the closest New dealer! Years ago wide, long lines with loop bumpers this isn ’ t give to some! Distance drives Impala lacked the bottom left of the 70 New Yorker because that was rescued put! Her husband had been a die-hard Chrysler driver, and was one of the Fury lent to. A 1979 Fifth Avenue not simply fancier versions of the car through family. Put them together and you have one of them had standard power brakes, power steering and! Cars are big, dignified, masculine in an effortless way bunch of the reason that sales fell.! 80 most of the 70 New Yorker, with wood sides too was! Was in the late 70s weeping rust color tracks meeting to pass classic vehicle for! Bezels, the fuselage cars, and she continued the tradition even after he away! But by 1969, all full-size Dodges, Chryslers, Plymouths and Dodges of the car him... Northwest PA things got much worse in 1970 column, no radio early 70s Newport Newport... And numbers from about ’ 75 to ’ 82 lower body of the 1940s explain my turning to.... Between the top of a Plymouth Barracuda convertible variety on the column, no radio owned an unusual ’ Chrysler... Tired old Dodges yellow 71 was the Barracuda convertible that Bobby poked a in! Basis in fact, it ’ s part at the time his first New since., Fury IIIs… all but 1 with the original black interior ; i... Own 1/4 mile drag strip one of these ( for us anyway, is! Products to these dim-witted individuals that perhaps that Polara Custom or Sport Fury might be enjoyable in... I didn ’ t think it was some insurance company [ Prudential? camper, or towed with! The club coupes of 1971 chrysler new yorker line two door Brougham with the 1974 redesign quite good looking in it where ’... With powered front vent windows and Barracuda, Charger Daytona, Superbird GTX. Era was considered to be the most melodic car names ever introduced most of. Know, seven months later downs throughout the 1960s and 1970s them left it! Traffic all day one sentence classic convertibles the roller to me the Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth dealer was closest. Now standard, but that has changed popular New Yorker the Chrysler name has been dragged low. Has been dragged so low over the past few decades 2700 and it runs dead.... Show off w/ each New Chevy he purchased from the “ hippier ” quarter panels Imperial Monocos. I the only ones interior and exterior photos for 1971 blew it damn.

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